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The DC-Underpinning program includes the calculation of building underpinnings and gravity walls. Any unit of underpinning with several layers of anchors and stiffeners can be entered. For the unit of underpinning strengthened soil or concrete can be selected. Optionally, the wall width and the anchor forces can be optimised.



  • Freely definable geometry of the underpinning unit
  • Strengthened soil as per DIN 4093 or concrete as per EC 2
  • Freely selectable position of anchors and stiffeners: consideration of the pre-deformation, the spring constant, and the pre-stressing of anchors 
  • Different base restraints are selectable
  • Variable horizontal soil stratification
  • Horizontal and inclined ground surface
  • Any pre-construction and dismantling states, anchor positions and stiffeners can be selected for each construction state
  • Entry of groundwater levels to consider buoyancy
  • For the accurate internal modelling of the structural system (e. g. ground surface and soil stratification), it is possible to import DXF graphics as a background
  • Several load cases with vertical and horizontal concentrated loads, vertical line loads as the static load or railway traffic as the live load, concentrated moments and consideration of earthquake loads and base water pressure underneath the wall
  • Different earth pressure assumptions (active, increased active earth pressure and earth pressure at rest) and earth pressure redistributions (including triangular and trapezoidal)
  • Elastic support with automatic adjustment to the passive earth pressure
  • Calculation of the wall internal forces with anchor and subgrade reaction forces
  • Stability verifications: sliding and ground failure 
  • Verification of the hydraulic ground failure at different water levels in front of and behind the wall
  • Verification of the anchor lengths in the deep slip joint
  • Calculation of the settlement
  • Fixed base depth or iteration of the wall length
  • Wall design as a concrete body with concrete compressive stress and the width of the compression zone
  • Optional optimisation of the wall width and the anchor force, requires an additional licence
  • Detailed output of the individual load cases as text and graphics
  • Output options: printer, PDF
  • Interfaces: RTF export to MS Word, graphic export in JPG format, DXF export

Foundation engineering standards

  • EN 1997-1
  • DIN EN 1997-1
  • ÖNORM B 1997-1-1
  • NF EN 1997-1
  • BS EN 1997-1
  • UNI EN 1997-1 with NTC 2018
  • UNE EN 1997-1
  • EN 1998-5
  • DIN 1054
  • DIN 4085
  • DIN 4017
  • DIN 4093
  • SIA 267

Concrete standards

  • EN 1992
  • DIN EN 1992
  • ÖNORM B 1992
  • NF EN 1992
  • BS EN 1992
  • UNI EN 1992
  • DIN 1045
  • SIA 262
  • ÖNORM B 4700
  • BS 8110
Verbundene Produkte

DC-Underpinning/Optimization is an add-on option to the DC-Underpinning program and provides for the optimisation of the wall thickness and the anchor forces.

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