Pump test graphic and evaluation

  • Curve of sinking in the well
  • up to 9 pertaining gauge levels in the diagram
  • up to 9 customizable diagrams below (pumping quantity, conductivity, temperature, pH value,...)
  • Optionally with capacity diagram
  • Data logger as an option:
    Aquitronic, CSM, Hydrotechnik, Ott, Seba and Excel with filter function
  • DCPUMP-Evaluation: option for evaluation of the tests for kf-value
  • Immediate layout control
  • Simple changes by double click
  • Zoom function for enlargement of details
  • Customizable title block
  • Selection of colors, line widths, font sizes
  • Export graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
  • English, German, French language