Dynamic probing tests acc. to DIN 4094 / EN ISO 22476-2 / SN

  • Stroke number input as single values or as a sum
  • Immediate layout control of the graphics
  • Sounding as a line, bar or filled bar
  • Optional display of a table with number of strokes
  • Display of the skin friction
  • Labelling of starting height and elevations
  • Configuration of min. and max. diagram size
  • Customizable title block
  • Any sheet formats, free scale
  • Setting of font sizes and font types
  • Selection of colors and line widths
  • ASCII and DXF interfaces available
  • Two lines for skin friction possible (e.g. also for any additional lines)
  • Export of graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
  • Display acc. to Swiss standard (SN) possible
  • Support of the latest DIN (2002)
  • English, German, French language