DC-Pit Dimensioning

Design of construction pit walls

  • Option for the program DC-Pit
  • Design of all wall types:
  • Bore pile walls: design of reinforced concrete, pile infilling for intersected piles
  • Relieved piles: straight or curved infilling
  • Diaphragm walls: reinforced concrete design
  • Sheet pilings: steel design
  • Girder plank walls: steel design of girders, timber, shotcrete or steel infilling
  • MIP (Mixed In Place) with concrete infilling
  • Design of the anchors: steel element and grouted body (fixed length)
  • Design of booms with different profiles
  • Automatic import of section forces
  • Selection of predefined girders or profiles
  • Proposal of a required girder/profile
  • Simple changing of the parameters
  • Automatic reductions and increases acc. to Weißenbach resp. EAB
  • Clear result output with graphics
  • English, German, French, Romanian, Russian language

Design standards:

  • Reinforced concrete acc. to: Eurocode 2, DIN EN 1992, DIN 1045, DIN 1045-1, SIA 262, OENORM B 1992, OENORM B 4700, BS 8110, IS 456
  • Steel design acc. to: Eurocode 3, DIN EN 1993, DIN 18 800, SIA 263, OENORM B 1993, BS 5950, IS 800