DC-Integra 3D/Volume

The option DC-Integra 3D/Volume as an extension for DC-Integra 3D supports the calculation of the excavation volume and masses of complex foundation pits at the push of a button.

The volumes and masses are calculated by soil layer, and for different layers - e.g. for old loads or for cohesive and non-cohesive material - the masses are available separately.

A ground surface model, for which the data may be imported from a text file, defines the natural ground level. With DC-Integra 3D the excavation sections are defined with their depths. The slopes between the sections are created automatically with all of their intersections. From the complete 3D model of the foundation pit the volumes and - if the self-weight is available - the masses of the excavated material are calculated immediately.

A table is available at the push of a button and can be printed or copied to MS Excel.