DC-Integra 3D/Anchors

The option DC-Integra 3D/Anchor for the program DC-Integra 3D with option DC-Integra 3D provides the following functions:

  • Definition of anchor layers with boom at the foundation pit walls
  • Depth, length, inclination of the anchors, length and diameter of the fixed length, boom profile
  • Change of inclination and depth for single anchors, splitting of booms
  • 3D display of anchor layers and booms
  • Turning and shifting of the display in the 3D view
  • Easy check of the position of the anchors against each other
  • Automatic check for collision between anchors
  • Consider a minimum distance between the fixed lengths
  • Collision check against pipeworks (wastewater, water, electricity, gas, ...) and with buildings
  • Easy changing of anchor depth or inclination at problematic points