DC-Integra 3D

3D display of foundation pits with exact wall geometry
Automatic generation of slope intersections

  • Complete 3D model with automatic generation of the slopes between different depth sections
  • Subdivision of the ground area with definition of the slope inclination
  • Turning and shifting the 3D model with arbitrary viewing direction
  • Creation of 3D images of complex foundation pit situations with  photo-realistic display
  • Clear overview over the geometry of the foundation pit even for non-experts
  • Exact display of all types of walls with matching textures
  • Steel, concrete, wood, earth
  • Exact measures e.g. for sheet piling profiles from a parameter data base
  • Adapting the length for sheet piling profiles for correct construction of the corners
  • Special corner constructions for girder pile walls: U at I-girder, I girder at the bisector  

Only in combination with DC-Integra